Almost Home – Moby Ft. Damien Jurado – Remix

innocents-cover-webOn September 30th 2013, Moby released innocents: his 11th studio album, and maybe, his most personal. A lo-fi, melodic meditation on vulnerability, it’s the record that he wanted to make. What you make of it is up to you.

Personally I think it’s his best work since “Play”

Moby has made the entire album available for remixing – Download files here

I’m currently remixing the full “Innocents” album.

Here’s a simple remix of the song “Almost Home”. Featuring Damien Jurado

I deleted many of the original tracks, replaced the drums, and played a 6 sting bass on the track.

More coming soon.

Please Enjoy


Innocents – Moby

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