February 15, 2010


Greg Kocis (Cage Café) has come a long way from waking up with a mouse on his chest in a New York City dive hotel. He ended up there for a few months after moving away from Pittsburgh to pursue his musical dreams. After spending his youth in drum corps and high school band, Greg knew he was meant to be a musician and set out to make it happen – with only a dog-eared Village Voice and $500 in his pocket.

A series of one room flats, borrowed couches and basement apartments did not deter Greg from his art. Growing up listening to giants like Yes, Rush & Pink Floyd, Greg knew the music he wanted to create was much bigger than just playing an instrument in a band. He started experimenting with digital producing and mixing various aspects until he found his path. The sound that developed was an eclectic blend of indie rock and alternative pop, with a definitive slant toward hook-based songwriting. What began as a way to deal with adolescent angst turned into a way to open up and express himself through the audio arts.

Cage Café has become the professional name used for recording and producing the unique songs written by Greg Kocis; and it is a name that is becoming familiar in certain circles. Based in NYC, Cage Café has met with music supervisors and various other outlets for licensing and is in demand to collaborate with numerous artists – both musically and as a producer. Though unique, Cage Café covers a broad range of the auditory spectrum – leading to comparisons with Everclear, Beck and The Killers; with a little bit of “new wave” Pearl Jam thrown in for good measure.

A multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, bass, drums), Greg knows that vocals are not always his strong suit – so the Cage Café sound is interpreted by various vocalists who can bring the musical vision to life. Greg writes, produces, mixes and plays most of the instruments, but the finished product always features a singer best suited to tell the particular song’s story.

Cage Café continues to write and produce music – oftentimes with videos to accompany each piece – stretching to reach new levels of creative expression that can in turn be used as thought provoking projects to share with the public. A new EP is planned before the end of 2015 and the subsequent promotion of the record will expose Cage Café to a broader international audience.- MORE INFO –

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