A Cool Look Inside Abbey Road Studios – Stunning Interactive Experience

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Google have teamed up with Abbey Road to put together a fascinating interactive experience that lets you have a good old nose around the legendary studios.

To immerse yourself in recording history and information overload, head over to Inside Abbey Road now.

You’ll get to explore the three main studios and one mastering suite via a Street View-style interface that includes over 150 360-degree panoramic images littered with archival images and youtube videos.

You can also fiddle with some legendary kit – or interactive approximations of it, at least – including the J37 4-track used to record the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

And if you need some hand-holding you can also opt for guided tours from Giles Martin, engineer Mirek Stiles, the studios’ Head of Audio Products, or BBC Radio 6 Music presenter and Abbey Road recording artist Lauren Laverne.

Click here to head over to Inside Abbey Road now.

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