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Some of the most talented artists never get their music heard. SplashFlood is here to change that.


SplashFlood is a free app that allows artists to promote their music in a whole new way and for music lovers to discover great new music with no monthly subscriptions. Most of the music that gets heard comes from only the biggest names, that’s why SplashFlood rewards talent above all else. For every song that an artist rates, one of their songs will be played for another artist of the same genre to rate. The more you listen to and rate songs by other artists, the more they will listen to and rate your songs. Music lovers get to enjoy ad-free listening.


• Artists can reach audiences like you never have before. You can earn Splash Points for every positive rating your music receives. The more Splash Points you earn, the more likely one of your songs will make it on one of the app’s Featured channels to attract even more listeners.

• As an artist, you can become an Influencer in your genre and help other artists with their music.

• Music lovers can discover talented artists and be among the first to stream new music for free.

• There are no monthly fees. You can stream as many songs as you like with no annoying ads and upload all your best recordings – for free.

• Artists can choose in which genres to upload their songs so that only fans of that genre will hear them.

• Artists get access to the exclusive Influence Builder: every time you listen to and rate a song, another artist in your same genre will listen to and rate one of your songs automatically. The more you listen to music, the more your music gets heard and promoted!

• The Influence Builder helps you reach new audiences simply by listening to music.

• Listeners: you get to help contribute to the success your new favorite artists.

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