#TedTalkTuesday Pop Hits Of Today Receive A Vintage Makeover – Postmodern Jukebox

As a YouTube sensation with millions of views online, Postmodern Jukebox takes to the TEDxFoggyBottom stage to share and create some catchy tunes.

The pop hits of today receive a vintage makeover, courtesy of viral YouTube band, Postmodern Jukebox. Led by Scott Bradlee (Sleep No More, Bioshock Infinite) and featuring charismatic chanteuse Robyn Adele Anderson, Postmodern Jukebox brings Jazz Age and Old Hollywood sensibilities to today’s most popular artists by transforming their hits into swing, hot jazz, ragtime, and doo-wop. Since their inception in February of 2013, they’ve amassed over 27 million views on YouTube, spent several weeks on the Billboard Jazz charts, and landed a featured performance on ABC’s Good Morning America. As one young viewer correctly noted, “This is the only band I enjoy that my grandparents also enjoy.”

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